Slyde Premium

Slyde Premium is a monthly subscription that let’s you support the communities you love on Slyde and gives you an ad-free experience on top of it.

If you don’t know what Slyde is, read this or check it out at — or on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store as “Slyde Social”.

No Ads — Ever

When you subscribe to Slyde Premium, you’ll never see ads on Slyde for as long as your subscription is active.

Support Your Favorite Communities

When you subscribe to Slyde Premium, you get 5 Creds to use each month. What is Cred? Cred is a token you can use to support Channels and Portals on Slyde. Portals can give you perks like special access to hidden Channels and special badges in return for your support.

We share 70% of all Slyde Premium revenue with our communities, based on how much Cred they receive from the community.

The Community Is In Control

The community decides who’s monetized and who isn’t when it comes to Cred, so we don’t get to have a say — as long as they aren’t inciting violence or doing anything illegal. Slyde is a social network built for you. Putting you in control not only gives you a better user experience, but creators can produce better content because of your support.

What Are You Waiting For?

To get Slyde Premium sign in to your Slyde account in a web browser, go to account settings, click Slyde Premium, and off you go! You can cancel at any time just as easily as you signed up in the same place in your account settings.