Slyde Is About To Launch Into Beta

Slyde Is About To Launch Into Beta

In late 2020 Slyde opened up privately to friends and family in hopes that a new social network was something people were wanting. Shortly after that we opened up publicly; tens of thousands of people joined and we received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. It became clear that people were wanting what we built, but what we built it on wasn't good enough to withstand all the traffic we were getting. So we pulled back and stopped growth almost completely...

We rebuilt Slyde from the ground up and as of September 2021 we opened up in early access with a brand new app (so if you haven't gotten on Slyde in awhile, you should check it out). We have continued adding new features and are constantly rolling out new updates. We will be launching into Beta in March 2022, but until then you can still download Slyde and get in early.

So What's New?

Slyde has a completely new interface, multiple feed options, custom profile and channel options, and more. We have been updating our discover algorithm to make it easier to discover new content as well as content you're interested in. We're also making it easier to share Slyde with people that you know through contact syncing and a better 'People You May Know' algorithm.

Lots of new features in the new app. And more to come before Beta!

Custom Profiles

We want Slyde to be a place where users can express themselves freely and show their personality. One of the biggest changes we are making as we enter into Beta is custom profiles.

Users will have the ability to create a page on their profiles that allows them to showcase things like music, photos / videos, links, and even top connections. Similar to the idea of a MySpace Page, we want to bring back personalities and give users the tools to express themselves how they want.

Custom Channels / Communities

Not only will Slyde allow you to customize your profiles, but once we launch into Beta users will also be able to create custom pages for channels they create. There are already thousands of channels and communities on Slyde and customizations can allow channels to highlight certain people or sub-channels in order to generate better content.

Multiple Feed Options

Originally, Slyde had a full screen TikTok style kind of feed. A post would take up the entirety of your screen, and you would swipe up to see the next post and swipe to the left to see more posts from that user. We like the navigation of that feed and still have it as an option, however, as we enter into Beta we have also added a traditional feed option. The traditional feed is the generic style feed you can find on other platforms.

Aside from how you choose to view your feed, we are also adding multiple feeds you can switch between to view content –  

First is your personal feed; this is where you will go to see the people you are following and all of your connections posts. Second, we have a discover feed; this is where you can go to see public posts and trending posts from anyone on Slyde. And lastly, we have a channel feed; this feed will allow you to scroll through posts from channels you follow, as well as trending posts from popular channels on Slyde.

What Is The Ultimate Goal?

We want to be the replacement for Facebook.

After the last couple years we have had; being separated by a pandemic and divided by an election, we have lost something important. Connection. Humans are inherently social creatures – the need to be connected with others is an important part of our mental health. And today's social medias have done a good job at keeping people apart.

Slyde wants to bring people back together. We want social media to be more than just politics and Covid news stories again. We want Slyde to be a place where you can express yourself the way you want with who you want. Share big events going on in your life, or just a joke that made you laugh that day. The world is in need of a fresh start. We CAN get rid of Facebook.

Lets take the internet back.